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A better way for fans like you to create newsletters from content online.

Coming October 2016* Soon!

You're an expert and you need to share all the articles you read with the world.

Fanaticles helps you collate content and build an email newsletter ready for you to send with MailChimp

That leaves you with more time to do what you love

It's not quite ready yet, but if you want to help test it, or be told when it's launched, join the waiting list by popping your email into the form below

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Email: hello@fanaticl.es

Twitter: @fanaticles

* Yeah I know what you're thinking, it was October, now it's a non-committal 'soon'. Well it turns out it's taking me a little longer than hoped (not least because of my two daughters aged 1 and 2) and I've decided to launch it in a different way - by taking anyone who's interested through the development process. This will give some more feedback too. More updates soon! But if you're one of those interested people, get in touch.